Get INSTANT pain relief! The #1 WAY TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN is to Align Your Back into a Neutral Spine Position.

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Inflatable Support Pillow & Hot/Cold Pack

A versatile inflatable back support pillow unlike anything else on the market, TheraPouf was created by a woman who suffered from severe back pain. After several expensive back surgeries, she could not find an effective solution that provided the support, comfort, and pain relief she needed. So she designed it herself! TheraPouf is an inflatable pillow enclosed in a soft water-resistant neoprene sleeve that’s designed to relieve pain and improve quality of life. It comes with a hot/cold pack, which can be inserted into a pocket for hot or cold therapy. TheraPouf can be used as a pillow for back support or wrapped around painful joints and limbs. With TheraPouf, sustainable relief from daily aches and pains is finally possible.



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What is TheraPouf?

TheraPouf is a patented, trademarked product designed to relieve pain and improve quality of life. It provides excellent back support and aids in achieving a neutral spine position. Additionally, it can be used for neck and joint pain relief. Each package includes an inflatable pillow, a soft water-resistant neoprene sleeve and a gel pack.

The Benefits of TheraPouf for Back Pain, Neck Pain & Joint Pain

TheraPouf is an innovative, versatile product. It is adaptable to fit your unique pain relief needs and improve your quality of life. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience with TheraPouf:

  • For back pain, use TheraPouf with or without hot or cold therapy to align your spine, creating a neutral spine position and distributing pressure to the entire back.
  • For joint pain, use TheraPouf where you need it most, easily adjusting the size, firmness, and shape of the inflatable pillow, and securing the strap around an elbow or knee to provide comfort and support.
  • For neck pain, lie down on your back, positioning TheraPouf under your neck with hot or cold therapy if desired.
  • Used as a travel pillow, TheraPouf adjusts to provide comfortable neck or back support, preventing unwanted aches and pains.
Who Needs TheraPouf?

Who Needs TheraPouf?

  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • Surgical patients
  • People who travel frequently
  • Athletes of all ages
  • People who sit for long periods of time
  • Anyone who suffers from daily aches and pains

How to Use TheraPouf

How to Use TheraPouf Step 1

1. Insert the deflated pillow into the neoprene sleeve. Partially inflate the pillow, adjusting inflation as needed. Then, cinch the sleeve closed around it.

How to Use TheraPouf Step 2

2. Place a hot/cold pack in the exterior pocket of the neoprene sleeve. For ice/heat therapy instructions, see gel pack back.

How to Use TheraPouf Step 3

3. Apply the hot or cold pocket to the area of your body that needs therapy. Use the strap to secure it in place, if needed. To care for your TheraPouf sleeve, machine wash warm, tumble dry on low heat.

Suggested Uses for TheraPouf

Suggested Uses for TheraPouf
Suggested Uses for TheraPouf
Suggested Uses for TheraPouf
Suggested Uses for TheraPouf
  • While seated - watching TV, at the office, driving, etc. – align TheraPouf vertically along the spine. The counter pressure that is created in movement shifts support to where it is needed. As TheraPouf contours to the back, you will achieve a neutral spine position, which allows for comfort and pain relief.
  • Prop limbs on an inflated TheraPouf for comfort and elevation as you apply heat or cold.
  • Wrap TheraPouf around joints or limbs, using the attached strap to comfortably keep TheraPouf in place.
  • Used as a travel pillow, TheraPouf provides back or neck support. It is small and lightweight, and it can be deflated for packing or attached to your rolling suitcase with the strap.
“I have lower back pain and have been using TheraPouf for added support when driving, sitting, and for long periods at my desk or while watching TV. It replaced the pillow I used for years and now, with TheraPouf, I can inflate to the exact pressure I need to support my lower back. TheraPouf is also my ‘go-to’ for a knee that swells. It’s the perfect solution that easily wraps around my knee. The best part is the cold pack that says in place in the built-in sleeve. I love TheraPouf!”
Janet Wall

“I originally got Therapouf to use for my lower back pain. I love how it can be adjusted to provide just the right amount of support while I ice down my sore muscles. When I had knee surgery, being able to wrap it all the way around my knee provided pain relief and helped reduce my swelling. Therapouf is an important part of my healthcare routine.”

Tim Frank
“I do a good bit of international travel and have found TheraPouf to be an invaluable traveling companion. On a recent trip to Africa, I used TheraPouf as a perfectly contoured headrest pillow to help relieve pain in my lower back and as an ice pack to address swelling in my new left knee. TheraPouf’s unique collapsible design allows it to be easily stored in my travel backpack as compared to a bulky memory foam neck pillow. TheraPouf will always be at the top of my ‘must bring’ checklist for all of my future trips!”
Jeff Basik
“TheraPouf brings more relief for my back while driving than anything else I’ve tried. Typical foam lumbar supports push more into my kidneys. They also compress too flat, rather than helping arch my lumbar area. TheraPouf puts support right at the center of my back to help keep it in a safe and comfortable position. Plus, it can be easily customized to find the proper air level for preferred optimal comfort. It works!”
Ken Fisher

TheraPouf Will…

  • Provide Neutral Spine Position

  • Promote Proper Spinal Alignment

  • Immediately Relieve Joint Pain and Discomfort

  • Decrease Muscle Fatigue

  • Increase Mobility

  • Put a Smile on Your Face