There is nothing fun about going through sports rehab, from sitting on the sidelines wishing you were competing to the ongoing stretching and discomfort. Luckily, TheraPouf can help ease that transition and get you back to what you love. Instead of spending a fortune on multiple different products and pain medications, TheraPouf combines support, relief, and hot/cold therapy into one. Plus, TheraPouf can even help you prevent injuries in the future and recover after a competition! Here are three ways TheraPouf can shorten and prevent sports rehab.

1. Hot & Cold Therapy

As you probably know, the first response to a sports injury is usually alternating ice and heat. TheraPouf makes this easy with adjustable straps and a malleable pillow to apply relief right where you need it most. TheraPouf comes with a hot/cold pack that fits perfectly into the sleeve pocket. That way, you can easily apply cold therapy to reduce inflammation and heat therapy to reduce pain – all with one tool. It also has a washable, water-resistant sleeve so you can use it as many times as you need, anytime you need.

Finding ways to keep gel packs and pillows in place while constantly shifting from discomfort just causes additional pain and irritation. With TheraPouf, keeping ice and heat on your injury is as easy as adjusting a strap and sitting back.

2. Injury Support

Another vital factor in healing an injury is keeping it elevated and supported. Whether you’re nursing an injured back or an ankle or knee, you can use TheraPouf for this stage of healing. TheraPouf’s inflatable pillow takes the pressure off an injury, giving you more rest and relief during your off time. That way, you can build up your muscle in sports rehab when the time comes. You can also add as much or as little air as you need to get the best elevation and firmness for your comfort and type of injury.

3. Rest & Recovery

Speaking of recovery, sleep is one of the quickest ways to heal after a sports injury. This means less rehab! When you’re injured, finding a good sleeping position can be extremely difficult. But, if you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep, you can’t improve properly. From reducing pain naturally to helping you find a relaxed position, TheraPouf can benefit you in every single step of your process. If you don’t completely recover, you could risk further injury. So, don’t skimp or try to go back before you’re ready!

It’s tough getting hurt, but it happens. The best thing you can do is take your injury seriously and heal. We advise you to take your doctor’s and trainer’s advice into account. Use TheraPouf to reduce your recovery time and possibly prevent the need for surgery or rehab. Before you know it, POUF! Your pain will be gone! Visit our website to learn more about what TheraPouf can do to help you reduce pain, heal faster, and get back to what you love.