The kids are back in school, which means sports season is in full swing! As a parent, you’re always wanting to make sure your kids are safe and protected. To ensure that your little ones in little league are protected, you will need the correct safety gear and basic knowledge of the sport they are playing. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to take the time to show them how to slide correctly in baseball or how to take a hit in football. Sports are meant to be fun and we want to make sure it stays that way. So, parents, grab the first aid kits, ice packs, and bandages just in case. Here are four tips to prevent kids sport injuries.

1. Talk with your young athlete about proper technique.

Playing a sport really comes down to proper training and technique. Your children, whether they are three years old or in middle school, need to know the ins and outs of the game to prevent sports injuries. Take the time to sit down and tell them the possible ways they could get injured on the field or the court. This will prepare them for when it does happen, and they will know how to respond or ask for help. For example, if your child plays football, they need to be prepared to be sacked by the other team. They also need to know how to fall properly when they are being tackled to prevent head injuries. If you don’t know the proper technique when it comes to football but your child has been asking to play, look at these football tips on how to prepare them for the field.

2. Make sure your athlete is warming up.

Warming up before practice or before a big game is vital to your young player. To prevent sports injuries, your child must start by stretching their muscles properly. Your athlete should be performing both static and dynamic stretches. A static stretch is defined as a stretch held in a challenging but comfortable position for a while, usually somewhere between 10 to 30 seconds. This movement improves flexibility. A dynamic stretch is defined as a form of stretching beneficial in sports, utilizing momentum from one’s form to propel the muscle into an extended range of motion. For example, toe-touches would be considered static and jumping jacks would be considered dynamic. Both sets of stretches are important and will help prep your athletes’ muscles.

3. Get the proper equipment.

Buying the proper equipment will help reduce the chances of sports injuries. Anytime your kids wanted to ride their bike around the neighborhood, what was the first thing you said to them? It was probably something along the lines of, “Don’t forget to wear your helmet!” If riding a bike needs safety equipment, how much more prepared should they be when it comes to sports? Parents, make sure to talk with your child’s coach about the proper equipment you should be purchasing before the sports season starts. Some common equipment to be purchased are items such as helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, and the right shoes or cleats. Make sure to research a list of essential sports safety equipment. If you want your star-player to be able to enjoy this season to the fullest, make sure that they have all the safety gear they need to stay in the game.

4. Be prepared for any potential sports injuries.

Moms, this is where your purse comes in handy. Make sure, as a parent, that you are ready for any potential sports injuries that may occur on the field or on the court. Have a first aid kit on you that includes bandages and ointment just in case your player gets a cut. Another important tool to have on you is a ice pack. When it comes to a sprained ankle or a giant bruise, you want to be able to ice the spot to help with the swelling. Or, if your young athlete is suffering from muscle pains, the ice will be able to soothe the irritated area. It’s always best to be over-prepared when it comes to a sporting event. Whether it is your child that is injured, a fellow teammate, or a player from the opposing team, you want to be able to help in any way that you can.

Sports are all fun and games until someone gets hurt. So, make sure to properly prepare your kids for the sport they are playing. To prevent sports injuries, ensure they are taking care of their bodies by stretching, staying hydrated, and resting properly.

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