TheraPouf customers share 8 unique uses for our hot/cold therapy cushion.

Our customers are sharing that TheraPouf is not just for hot/cold therapy… In addition to all of the aches and pains that the inflatable support pillow helps to relieve, the stories are so much fun. We thought it would be fun to share how our customers are using this therapeutic cushion!

1. Water-Resistant Beach Buddy

Sharon from Islamorada, FL took her TheraPouf to the beach to watch her grandkids snorkel. She positioned her chair close to the water with her water-resistant pillow and hot/cold pack. After her back surgery, sitting can be difficult so Sharon doesn’t go anywhere without it! She decided to get up and walk down the beach with her granddaughter. While she was walking, her grandson grabbed her TheraPouf off of the chair and took it out into the water to float with while he snorkeled. Looking back down the beach, she saw him immediately as he was snorkeling. Sharon used the strap and fastened it to his swim trunk so that she could see him while he was in the water. It made her feel safer and gave her the ability to spot him in seconds. She may never get it back from her grandson now!

2. Inflatable Shock-Absorber

Jarod is an avid boater and takes his TheraPouf with him on his boat. The support for his back is priceless, with or without the hot/cold therapy. Jarod has spinal stenosis and, when he is boating out in open water, the constant bouncing causes pain. Until he purchased his TheraPouf, he tried every pillow he could find to get relief. Then a friend recommended that he purchase a TheraPouf! Even when he isn’t using the hot/cold pack, it now goes on every boat ride and provides the comfort he needs. TheraPouf is inflatable and the air pressure absorbs the sudden jolts that come with boating. If it ends up going overboard, no worries! It floats so it can easily be recovered.

3. Easily Transportable Travel Companion

Susan is the neighbor of our founder and by far TheraPouf’s biggest fan. She has issues with back pain and sciatica and uses her TheraPouf for support and hot/cold therapy. Until she found TheraPouf, sitting in a car, plane, or even at dinner had become difficult. The support she receives while using her TheraPouf has made such a big difference that she doesn’t go anywhere without it. Because of its inflatable design, TheraPouf fits easily in carry-on luggage. Susan takes it with her every time she flies! It’s so versatile that it replaces her travel pillow and can be used on the neck or back. On a recent trip, she was in a hurry and left her TheraPouf in the airplane seat as she was deplaning. She tried everything to recover it but with no success. We immediately provided her with another! So rewarding to see how much it has helped her. She just can’t live without it.

4. Full Support Camping Pillow

Jason and Madison are the ultimate campers who have discovered TheraPouf can replace their camping pillows. After going through several camping pillows, they both were tired of complaining. Their experience included deflation in the middle of the night, sweating against the plastic surface, bulky transport, and too much extra gear. Jason has had issues with his neck for years, so he originally purchased a TheraPouf to apply hot/cold therapy when needed. He always takes his TheraPouf with him for the car ride, but, as they were setting up camp, he blew up his camping pillow only to find that it had a hole in it. As a result, sleeping was going to be challenge. With no other options, he used his TheraPouf instead and was amazed. By slightly reducing the amount of air, his Therapouf fit into the curve of his neck, providing him with just the right position to keep his neck in alignment while he slept. Now, TheraPouf is his go-to camping pillow.

5. Comfortable Pool Float

Melissa spends two hours a day training for her yearly vacation, which includes a 12 mile trek up a mountain. As part of her training, she does leg strengthening in the pool. She has tried adult swimmies, but they create stress on her arms, feel uncomfortable, and she ends up with rashes under her arms from the plastic. Her mom had knee surgery and was recouping on the back patio with her TheraPouf. After hearing her complaints, Melissa’s mom tossed her TheraPouf out to her and said, “Here, try this!” What started out as a joke became serious rather quickly when Melissa realized that, not only did it float, but the fabric was so comfortable that she continued her workouts. Using TheraPouf as a pool float worked out great while she worked on her lower body.

6. Pain-Relieving Valuables Bag

Corey was heading out on a week long kayaking trip. He knew long hours in a sitting position would leave him with aches and wanted to address this before he went. He searched online for back support that would provide him with options. TheraPouf has a pocket for optional ice and heat and can be used on a variety of body aches, so he ordered one. He knew he wouldn’t be able to use the hot/cold therapy as he wouldn’t have those luxuries available, but the support while sitting was certainly going to help. During his trip, his kayak tipped and, although his valuables were in plastic zip locks and stayed dry, some sunk so quickly he ended up fishing them out of the water.  In an Aha! moment, he grabbed the ziplocks and threw them into the inside of his TheraPouf, cinched it closed. And voila! He had a floating valuable bag. Twice during the trip when he had access to a hotel, he put ice into a bag and slid it inside the TheraPouf and applied it to his back. He won’t go anywhere without this again!

7. Back-Up Bouy*

Boating in Florida is just a part of life. Dale took a group of friends out for the day and no boating trip is complete without the jump overboard every couple of hours to keep cool! Unfortunately, after another fun jump, one of the girls jumped in the water and bumped the boat on the way down. Due to some poor planning, the life jackets were tucked into  a small cubby that was locked. In desperation, Dale’s wife threw her TheraPouf in the water to provide some impromptu help – and it worked! *TheraPouf is not a life-saving device and not rated for emergency use, but on this day it helped provide some support until they could get her out of the water.


8. …Ice Pack Lunch Box?

Kristin was on the phone with her husband who was at home getting ready for a tailgate party. His assignment for the day was to bring some veggies and dip. She was meeting him there and had bought a cinch bag to put everything in for the day. However, he couldn’t find the bag and she told him, “Honey, it’s the blue one hanging in the closet. And don’t forget to put an ice pack in it to keep it cool in the car!” An hour later, he shows up with a TheraPouf, veggies and dip cinched inside with an ice pack in the pocket that keeps everything cool. Kristin loved it and has even continued to use TheraPouf that way. In addition, she loves the strap on the inside that she can attach to her cooler. Now that one is really unique!

The traditional use of TheraPouf is to provide support and hot/cold therapy for injured or aching backs, ankles, elbows, and knees.

However, after purchasing, our customers have taken it to a whole new level! Simply place the inflatable insert into the outer bag and insert ice or heat. You never know what you may be using your TheraPouf for.