While TheraPouf was originally invented as a back pain solution, it is so much more. People of all ages and all walks of life can benefit from using a TheraPouf support pillow for back, neck, and joint pain! That is the beauty of this versatile product. It can be a household necessity, an essential travel companion, or a crucial tool on the road to recovery. So, we would like to highlight a few of the people most likely to benefit from its use. Whether you are looking for your next great gift or you are purchasing for yourself, you, your friends, and your family won’t be disappointed when the pain goes POUF!

1. Athletes

Whether you are new to working out and just trying out the gym or a veteran athlete, TheraPouf can solve any pain problems that come your way! If you’re suffering from a competition-related injury, TheraPouf can be used to ice or heat your injury and provide the support you need to heal easier and faster. Even if you are experiencing routine soreness, a TheraPouf support pillow can help you get the best rest so you can get back to peak performance. TheraPouf comes with an adjustable strap to wrap around sore elbows, knees, or ankles. It also includes a washable sleeve, so you can even use it during or right after a workout without worry!

2. Travelers

If you or someone you know travels frequently, TheraPouf is the perfect traveling buddy. The versatility that comes with our pillow is ideal for any pain that may flare up while traveling. For example, you can use TheraPouf on the plane as a standard neck support pillow or back support pillow for increased comfort while flying. Pain, however, doesn’t always stop when you get off the plane. After a long day of walking or adventuring, TheraPouf can be used to ease any discomfort that may have followed you back to the hotel. The hot and cold therapy abilities alleviate sore muscles that may have developed during your vacation. Plus, it is ideal for helping you sleep on those uncomfortable hotel beds! Learn more about your next travel pillow here.

3. Parents/Grandparents

A TheraPouf support pillow is a perfect gift for mom and dad. They have always been there to support you, so why not return the favor? It’s no secret that getting older comes with all kinds of aches and pains. What better way to thank them for all they did than by relieving some of the pain? Especially if one of your parents has had any surgeries, TheraPouf can help them throughout their recovery and also work to prevent reinjury. TheraPouf can alleviate knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and more. By giving the gift of a TheraPouf, you can give them back their comfort!

4. New Moms

Going further, no parent is more deserving or in need of support than new moms! Whether you are nearing your due date or already had your child, the TheraPouf support pillow can help soothe your everyday pain and soreness. If you are suffering from back pain due to bending over or daily joint pain, we can help. By placing the support pillow under your neck or back at night, you can get back to sleeping soundly and resting comfortably. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake pain-free? That way when your little one wakes, you are ready for anything, anytime!

We understand that any type or level of pain can put a damper on everyday life. That is why we created the TheraPouf support pillow. It’s easy to use in any environment and built with handy straps that make it easy to take along on your travels or secure around joints. It is also the perfect size for travel, as well as durable. It is built to last!

The types of people mentioned in this blog that can benefit from using a TheraPouf support pillow is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see even more ways to use TheraPouf on our About page. Next time you are driving on your morning commute, planning a trip, or trying to think of the perfect gift, think TheraPouf!