Thousands of people suffer from back pain, but a prescription isn’t always the answer. Taking medicine for back pain only temporarily relieves the pain. It doesn’t actually address the root problem. Plus, medication can be expensive and can disrupt your everyday life and functionality. As pain experts, we have heard it all and we have tried it all. We know how hard the struggle with back pain can be, so we came up with a list of suggestions to help you relieve back pain naturally.

1. Change the way you sleep.

Many cases of back pain originate during the night. Activities you do during the day can worsen the pain, but it often starts when you are sleeping, possibly due to unhealthy sleep positions or a sagging mattress. There a few ways to test if poor sleep factors are causing your pain. You can sleep somewhere else for a night or two, try a new pillow or position, or rent a mattress for a few nights. Nighttime is when your body recovers and heals from the day. So, if your body can’t heal properly, your pain will only continue to increase. WebMD recommends a guide with tips on how to sleep with back pain. We suggest you start small by changing sleep positions or investing in a good pillow and then go from there.

2. Go for a swim.

Swimming is a miracle worker when it comes to body pain. It allows you to work, stretch, and build the muscles in your body with minimal risk of damage or injury. It can also reduce stress from the soothing feel of the water and rhythmic motions. Many local pools offer classes for joint pain or light water workouts such as water aerobics. You can also find many great exercises online and videos on YouTube that will introduce you to water activities specifically designed for relieving back pain. Even if you only spend 15-20 minutes in the water, you will notice the difference and, at the very least, reduce inflammation.

3. Stretch it out.

One easily overlooked contributor to lower back pain is tight hamstrings. These muscles run up the back of your thighs and connect near your lower back. When you don’t stretch regularly, these muscles can tug on your lower back and cause stress to your sacroiliac joints. This can sometimes be the sole cause of back pain if you don’t have any other known issues. Stretching your hamstrings twice a day (best when you wake up and when you go to bed) can immediately relieve back pain. Stretching should not hurt but can help to relieve back pain naturally. You can find a few examples of proper stretches here.

4. Try TheraPouf!

TheraPouf is an inflatable support pillow enclosed in a soft neoprene sleeve. It’s designed to relieve pain and improve your overall quality of life. It comes with a gel pack that can be inserted into a pocket for hot or cold therapy. TheraPouf can be used as a pillow for back support and pain relief or it can be wrapped around painful joints and limbs to ease pain in a specific area. With TheraPouf, long-lasting relief from daily aches and pains is finally possible! We want to make your life easier, so we’ve made our sleeve water-resistant, removable, and machine washable. Additionally, it works with most gel packs, which can simply be placed in the freezer or heated in the microwave.

Dealing with back pain isn’t easy, but you are not alone. Over 80% of Americans suffer from back pain everyday. Different things work for different people, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your solution right away. Most importantly, don’t let back pain run your life! Try to keep doing the things you love. Fight back and relieve back pain naturally! It’s true that you may have to make a few changes, but isn’t living with less pain worth it? Imagine what life could be like without back pain keeping you down!