When you’re struggling with back pain, it can seem like nothing is working and you would do anything for relief. We understand that you don’t always have the time to go to the store or pause the rest of your day to deal with your pain. Back pain can be immobilizing and can end up ruining your plans with a moment’s notice. There are plenty of back support pillows and other products on the market, but there’s more than one way to relieve back pain. Here are three different ways to get long-term back pain relief fast.

1. Change Your Shoes

Causes of back pain hide in the most common places. Sometimes finding the back pain relief you crave is as simple as switching up your everyday routine. You can start by switching your shoes! If you’re wearing shoes that don’t have enough support or are worn down, it can throw off your alignment and cause muscle strain to your legs, back, and neck. For example, if you wear heels to work, you may want to consider trading them in for a pair with better support.

Shoes that are too flat can also cause issues. Just make sure whatever shoes you wear for the majority of the day have a solid sole and good arch support. Many shoe stores have tests that can make sure you’re getting the right arch support. Research the best shoes for back pain to learn more.

2. Switch Things Up

Another thing that can affect your back pain is your workstation. Whether you work at a desk or you are on your feet all day, the way you spend 40 hours a week could be the number one cause of your pain. If you work at a desk, make sure your computer is at eye level. Bad positioning can cause you to strain your neck or hunch over to work. You can also re-evaluate your chair. For instance, does it provide any back support and are the armrests even? Avoid sitting at an angle or leaning over in one direction. All of these things can cause tension in your back and neck.

If you don’t have control over the type of chair you’re using, can’t afford a new one, or your chair happens to be a driver’s seat, don’t worry! This is where a back support pillow can save the day. Simply place it at your lower back to create a neutral spine position, which relieves pressure and provides lower back pain relief. You can also use it around your neck for neck and upper back pain relief. Apply cold or heat therapy for instant relief.

3. Move Your Body

When you’re having bad back pain, it’s easy to get stuck in bed or laying in your favorite chair, but this will make things worse. Unless you’re suffering from a chronic injury to your back and a doctor has recommended bed rest, it’s probably hurting more than helping. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to healing back pain, but it should be limited to no more than nine hours.

Try using a support pillow while you rest to support your back and reduce pain when you wake up. During the day, short breaks are good for your back, but try to keep them under 2 hours. If you must rest or stay in bed longer, it’s a good idea to get up and stretch every hour. Stretching muscles like your hamstrings can be an easy way to get quick back pain relief. Try to get up and move around as much as possible to keep your back from tightening up.

Back pain is a common problem. It’s currently the leading global cause of disability – over 80% of adults suffer from it. Don’t let back pain ruin your life! Just as little things can add up and cause back pain, little things can add up to relieve it. Many doctors push medications and life-altering surgeries, which aren’t always the answer. Finding exactly what is causing your back pain can be tricky and take a while. But these tricks can provide some instant back pain relief to get you through the day and allow you to live your life to the fullest.