Good posture for back pain

Good posture can help prevent back pain.

My mother always told me to sit up straight.

When we are young, her  advice was to sit up straight but this was quickly overlooked. I have realized the consequences for  not maintaining good posture and adequate back support. Some of these factors have contributed to to issues and stress on my spine. At the time her advice didn’t seemed too important when I was younger and pain free. Over time the results of poor posture have made made a difference in the overall health of my spine.

Poor posture can lead to the possibility of constricted blood vessels and nerves, as well as problems with muscles, discs, and joints. All of these can be major contributors to back and neck pain. These factors can lead to headaches, fatigue, and possibly even concerns with major organs and breathing. Something as simple as correcting your posture can make a difference in your long term spinal health.

What exactly is good posture?

Defining good posture for me is better if I create some markers. Imagine a vertical plumb line running down through your center. Ears lined up with shoulders, shoulders to hips. Most people don’t think about their posture when they are sitting, but good posture can help prevent or reduce back pain. Addressing your posture can make a difference in severity of back pain  further injury.

So how can I correct my posture?


It starts with a view to what bad posture looks like. Most of us experience aches at the end of a long day from slouching with our shoulders rolled forward, head position down and lumbar arched outward. So now what do we do to have a healthier spine and better posture.



Start with Stretching exercises, yoga, massage and chiropractic care can also help to align and strengthen your spine.  Set reminders to shift and move in your daily routine and make slight adjustments while sitting. I developed a product that can help. Therapouf   has been designed to provide support and help position the spine for correct alignment.

What is TheraPouf?

This is how the product works.

When using TheraPouf, inflate with three to four breaths, which should look as if it is mostly deflated and almost flat.  As you use Therapouf the curves created by air pressure, mold into your lumbar and upper back.  Included with the product is a ice/heat gel pack for added relief of inflammation. Place TheraPouf vertically between your back and the chair, and then scoot back all the way until you feel the support. This position will help to lift the chest. Our customers use  Therapouf when  sitting at a  computer, for travel, or watching TV in their  favorite chair. Remember, TheraPouf is usually most comfortable when placed vertically, along the spine, which will help to lift and support your chest.

Here are some stories from real TheraPouf users.

Correct posture is a simple but very important way to keep the many intricate structures in your back  and spine healthy. It is much more than cosmetic. Good posture and back support are critical to reducing the incidence and levels of back pain and neck pain. Back support is especially important for patients who spend many hours sitting in an office chair or standing throughout the day.

If you have  serious spinal issues, see your doctor.

Start today to take your mothers advice to sit up straight for a healthier spine.



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