Our TheraPouf supporters received an early surprise… they’re the first to receive our product!

Today, TheraPouf was hand delivered to our local supporters. Donors contributed to our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and we wanted to find a way to say thank you. After a quick trip to Miami to pull the first 35 boxes, we surprised our donors with an early delivery. Nothing is better than getting TheraPouf delivered to your door! Having so many comments from our donors who needed theirs now, we decided that we could make it happen. So, we pulled them off the shipping line and brought them back to Fort Myers.

What’s the Story?

Our founder, Judy Cutler-Teeven, designed and patented TheraPouf after having 3 back surgeries. Searching for relief, she couldn’t find anything out there that provided the support and ice/heat therapy she needed. So she designed it herself! The first TheraPouf was for her own personal use – and it was amazing. She used it through her surgeries and realized this was a viable product that could really help others, so here we are 3 years later. Pouf! Problem solved.

What is a TheraPouf?

TheraPouf has three parts: a neoprene outer sleeve with a pocket on the outside, an ice/heat gel pack, and an inflatable insert. Place TheraPouf vertically along the spine while traveling, working or watching TV or use in a variety of other ways. The versatility of TheraPouf and the ability to a pack it in a purse, briefcase or travel bag make it easy to take with you anywhere. One of the most important commitments we have at TheraPouf is to be made in the USA. It’s our goal to provide work opportunities for our local communities. TheraPoufs manufacturing, packaging and shipping all happens here in the state of Florida.

   More Ways to Use TheraPouf 

These are just a few of the happy faces of donors who received their TheraPouf this week. Word is spreading thanks to all of our early supporters. We are so grateful to you for believing in our product. Many crowdfunding campaigns are raising funding so that they can fund the production of their products, but TheraPouf is almost ready for shipping. Donations to and funding from our campaign strengthens our inventory and marketing. When you donate to TheraPouf, you will be the first to receive the product and 10% of that donation goes back to help support local organizations.

Thank you to those of you who have donated and are helping us make TheraPouf a reality. Help us continue to keep spreading the word and order yours in October when our web site goes live to ship orders.