Got Pain? POUF!
Problem Solved.

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Got Pain? POUF!
Problem Solved.

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What is TheraPouf? A Simple Solution to Everyday Aches & Pains.

TheraPouf is an inflatable pillow enclosed in a soft water-resistant neoprene sleeve that’s designed to relieve pain and improve quality of life. It comes with a hot/cold pack, which can be inserted into a pocket for hot or cold therapy. TheraPouf can be used as a pillow, for back support, or wrapped around painful joints and limbs. With TheraPouf, sustainable relief from daily aches and pains is finally possible.

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TheraPouf Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“TheraPouf brings more relief for my back while driving than anything else I’ve tried. Typical foam lumbar supports push more into my kidneys. They also compress too flat, rather than helping arch my lumbar area. TheraPouf puts support right at the center of my back to help keep it in a safe and comfortable position. Plus, it can be easily customized to find the proper air level for preferred optimal comfort. It works!”

Ken Fisher

“I have lived with back pain for 30+ years, and I have found TheraPouf very helpful and convenient. I love the fact that I can control the firmness of TheraPouf by increasing or decreasing the air bag to my comfort. Putting the ice bag in its pocket is so helpful to its easy to place it where I want it.”

Alice Leiss

“I do a good bit of international travel and have found TheraPouf to be an invaluable traveling companion. On a recent trip to Africa, I used TheraPouf as a perfectly contoured headrest pillow, to help relieve pain in my lower back and as an ice pack to address swelling in my new left knee. TheraPouf’s unique collapsible design allows it to be easily stored in my travel backpack as compared to a bulky memory foam neck pillow. TheraPouf will always be at the top of my ‘must bring’ checklist for all of my future trips!”

Jeff Basik

“I originally got Therapouf to use for my low back pain. I love how it can be adjusted to provide just the right amount of support while I ice down my sore muscles. When I had knee surgery, being able to wrap it all the way around my knee provided pain relief and helped reduce my swelling. Therapouf is an important part of my healthcare routine.”

Tim Frank

“I have had back issues for a number of years. Getting comfortable while driving a car or sitting in a chair was a major accomplishment. When I heard about TheraPouf product I knew I had to give it a try. I was able to get immediate relief when using TheraPouf while driving and sitting. While TheraPouf is not a cure for my back issues, it has made my resting and driving experiences very tolerable.”

Lee Crum

“I have lower back pain and have been using TheraPouf for added support when driving, sitting, and for long periods at my desk or while watching TV. It replaced the pillow I used for years and now with TheraPouf I can inflate to the exact pressure I need to support my lower back. TheraPouf is also my ‘go to’ for a knee that swells. It’s the perfect solution that easily wraps around my knee. The best part is the cold pack that says in place in the built-in sleeve. I love TheraPouf!”

Janet Wall
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How Do You TheraPouf?


Searching for a solution
to your back pain?
While seated, position TheraPouf behind your back, aligned vertically with your spine.


Is sitting for long periods
of time causing you pain?

TheraPouf provides lumbar or neck support when you are working at the computer or traveling.


Aches, pains and injuries
got you down?

TheraPouf can be used in a variety of ways to soothe neck, joint and limb pain.


When Pain Strikes…
How Do You TheraPouf?

Used as a pillow or wrapped around hurt joints and limbs, TheraPouf helps prevent and treat back pain, neck pain, and joint pain, immediately improving your quality of life.


What’s Included with TheraPouf?

Every TheraPouf kit contains one inflatable pillow, one neoprene sleeve, and hot/cold pack that can be easily inserted into TheraPouf’s pocket. TheraPouf’s soft neoprene sleeve is water-resistant, removable and machine washable. Additionally, it works with most hot/cold packs, which can simply be placed in the freezer or heated in the microwave.